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sathyam hospitalWhat is Piles?

        Swollen and inflamed veins in the anus that causes bleeding & pain during daefecation.

What Causes Piles?

        Constipation,Straining during deafeation,Less fibre intake,Pregnancy.

What are all the symptoms of Piles?

  • Discomfort during passing stool.
  • Bleeding in Stool.
  • Itching around anus.
  • Swelling at the anus

Any Types in Piles?

  • Internal Piles (உள் மூலம்)
  • External Piles(வெளி மூலம்)

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How to diagnose Piles?

If you have symptoms of piles,you should consult a Surgical Gastroenterologist and he will diagnose by doing

  • Proctoscopy(A simple painless one minute examination of anus).
  • Sigmoidoscopy(An Endoscopy through anus to rule out internal cancers)

Why the diagnosis delayed often?

        Many people feel embarrassed to show it to the doctor and others are ignorant about the disease.Thats why diagnosis is often delayed.

What is the problem in delayed diagnosis?

        If diagnosed early,we can avoid complications and treat without surgery.

Is there any grades in piles?

  • Grade I-- Internal piles only bleeding during passing stools.
  • Grade II-- Internal piles, but it comes out during daefecation and go back in on its own.
  • Grade III-- Internal piles Which comes out during daefecation and will not go back on its own.We have to push inside.
  • Grade IV-- External piles.Swelling seen outside at the anus.

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Is all bleeding in stools are due to piles?

No.It may also be due to Cancer inside or a simple fissure.So dont take it simply.You have to consult a qualified surgical gastroenterologist.

Any treatment for piles without surgery.Can we cure piles without surgery?

Yes we can.If we diagnose this early in 1st or 2nd stage we can cure without doing surgery.

What are the treatments for piles without Surgery?

FOR GRADE I-- High fibre diet,laxatives,stool softners,ointments,Toilet training,fibre supplements are treatment methods to cure piles.Uncontrolled Bleeding may be controlled by sclerotherapy.

FOR GRADE II piles We are having new treatment like piles banding.

What is Piles Banding? RBL(Rubber Band Ligation)

For GRADE-II piles now we are having this modern treatment to avoid surgery.Using a piles gun,rubber band is applied over the base of the swelling as a OP procedure.It is simple 5 minute painless procedure.No need to take rest.

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What will happen if piles are not treated?

If we dont treat it in time,it may lead on to,

  • Unnoticed bleeding and anemia.
  • Severe uncontrolled bleeding.
  • Internal piles become external piles.
  • Blood will clot in piles and cause pain & sudden increase in size and need emergency surgery.

What is sclerotherapy for piles?

For GRADE I piles with uncontrolled bleeding,we can inject medicines using special syringe on the piles and obliterate it.It will control bleeding and cure piles.

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What is HAL Treatment in piles?

                        HAL(Haemorrhoidal Artery Ligation)

By using Doppler scan as guide,we can suture the feeding blood vessel to piles and cure it without surgery.

Can we prevent piles?

Yes by following all below we can prevent piles
  • Avoiding Constipation.
  • Avoiding Straining while defecating.
  • High fibre diet.
  • Drinking plenty of water.
  • Doing regular exercise.
  • Spend less time in toilet(avoiding reading/mobile phone using while on the toilet).
  • Losing weight for overweight persons.
  • Who needs Surgery for piles?

    Grade III & Grade IV piles needs surgery.

    Any Surgery available without scar or pain?

    Yes.Recently we have a method called "stapler haemorrhoidectomy".For Grade III piles we can do this advanced technique.By using a stapler gun we do it simply without any scars or pain.

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    Who requires Open Surgery?

    If we fail to take treatment in Grade I,II,III stage piles and if piles became external (Grade IV) we require open surgery.There are some among surgery should be done by a qualified surgical gastroenterologist & Protologist to avoid complications.

    Will Piles recur even after surgery?

    No.If surgery done by a qualified Surgical gastroenterologist and if we follow proper diet & exercise to avoid constipation piles will not come back.

    Whether controlling stool is difficult after piles surgery?

    No.If we do surgery in correct time and if it is being done by Good Surgical Gastroenterologist & Proctologist,we can avoid complications.

    What should not be done in piles treatment

    Because of embarassment,ignorance and apprehension for surgery people are seeking unqualified quacks for secretly treating piles.These unqualified quacks will attract people by their advertisements and false hopes.They will treat piles without scientific basis by applying some chemicals or unsterile threading.Following uncorrectable complications can happen in these quackery treatment.

    • Anal infection & Sepsis.
    • Anal narrowing.
    • AIDS,Jaundice virus spread from others.
    • Severe bleeding & pain.
    • Steroid like medicines.
    • Missing cancers inside.
    • All will lead on to permanent damage and some may require major surgeries to rectify this and sometimes these patients have to pass stools through abdomen and not through anus.

      What to do if one gets piles Symptoms?

      Consult a qualified surgical gastroenterologists who is also an expert in proctology with all latest infrastructures in piles treatment.

      Which is the best hospital to treat piles?

      Sathyam Hospital,located in the heart of the city of Nagercoil with all latest infrastructures in the treatment of piles is the best hospital to treat piles.The senior consultant DR.A.PRABHAKARAN MS,DNB,MRCS(Edin),Mch(SGE), who is a surgical Gastroenterologist and also an expert in proctology have vast experience in the latest treatment of piles.

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